Eye Art Trail - Trail of Hope

The last few months of lockdown have been difficult for everyone - loved ones have been ill or lost and many have been unable to see family and friends, feeling isolated. However, there has also been much good to come out of it, from the recognition and appreciation of all our key workers who have kept us safe and fed, to the great sense of community spirit as neighbours and volunteers help each other to make life easier.

At the blossom charity, we want to celebrate these memories, and so following the success of the Sheep trail last year, our talented artists have designed and decorated sculptures - 3 tortoises and 3 hares which will be placed around town (see map) and 6 mini animals to find in shops:

What Lockdown Tortoise – Lockdown taught us that the planet can heal – with the planes grounded and people not doing their daily commutes or going on holiday, Earth was given a break and is starting to heal. Pollution plummeted and animals were able to roam in cleaner quieter areas.

Superhare-O – We owe a great debt to all the NHS staff and key workers for looking after us and our loved ones during this time. The weekly ‘Clap for NHS’ were very poignant and this hare commemorates our pride and thanks to everyone.

Ready Steady Mo - With all the extra time at home, people have discovered their love of gardening, and found solace and peace in their gardens which have never looked so beautiful! Spending time outdoors has helped reduce stress and anxiety during these uncertain times.

Colonel Tom, the Gentlehare - We will never forget the feat achieved by a near centurion as he walked around his garden to raise funds for the NHS charities. He captured our hearts and was inspirational to all generations.

Sportoise - Millions of children and adults were inspired by Joe Wicks to get fit, enjoying his daily online classes. Others also found their love of exercise, trying new things or reviving old regimes.

Nutbrown – Local photographer, Wendy Aiken, delighted the residents of Eye by photographing families on their doorstep during lockdown, capturing and creating treasured memories while raising funds for two local charities.

We hope you agree that these sculptures illustrate just some of the good memories to come out of this unprecedented situation. To everyone who has helped us through these difficult times, we say THANK you!

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