Eye Art Trail - The Piggy Tail Trail, 2022

Now in its fourth year, the art sculpture trail in Eye, Suffolk, features 24 large, medium and small beautifully decorated pigs and 15 minis. Visitors can walk with purpose to see them placed in locations on a route around this picturesque town.

In this Platinum Jubilee year some sculptures specifically celebrate this epic milestone of our Queen. In the Market Place you can see the intricate “Hogcutt's Wildlife Garden” which depicts 70 species, "Bunty" can be found in the castle, and “Her Royal Hogness Princess Platinum” can be found at Frogs Farm on the A140. There's also a mini "Porgie" in one of the shop windows.

Other sculptures are inspired by famous artists - “Day or Night, Coastal Delight” is inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, with a local twist and there is even "Pigcasso". There is so much to see - our artists have put so much thought, creativity and effort into creating something for everyone!

The trail will be live until 16th September when the sculptures will make their way to market at Athelington Hall, Eye. They will then be sold at auction on Tuesday 4th October, raising money for the blossom charity enabling them to continue providing programmes so that men and women can make long lasting changes in their lives.

Funds raised from the sale of our "Stand with Ukraine" mini pig will go directly to a charity, equipping Yulia's refuge for Ukranian women and children fleeing the war - right on the Ukrainian border with Romania.

The Charity Auction - 4th October 2022

On Tuesday 4th October 2022 the blossom charity will host an auction to sell each of the pigs to raise money for the charity. This event will be held at 6.30pm, at Athelington Hall, Horham, Eye, Suffolk, IP21 5EJ The auction, hosted by Clarke & Simpson, promises to be a fun and interesting event, with a chance to meet some of the sponsors and artists at a drinks reception before the serious business of selling the unique sculpture art to the highest bidders! Anyone interested in acquiring a beautifully painted pig for their business, their home or garden, or just as a talking point are very welcome to attend. Tickets are £15 per person and include food and fizz. If you would like to buy a ticket to attend the charity auction please email info@theblossomcharity.co.uk or call us on 01379 678483. If you are unable to attend the auction in person but are interested in bidding you can still do so by bidding online, using the link below.

The Piggy Tail Trail Video....

Children’s Colouring Competition - Win a Prize!

All you have to do is download and print a piglet or pig colouring page, create your picture and we will choose the winners!

There will be a prize for each age group - under 5s, aged 5 - 8 and 9+.

Closing date September 16th

All entries need to be handed to the Eye Library or dream on, 13 Castle Street, Eye, by September 16th 2022. Do visit the library to see all the entries!

Good luck!

Match The Piggy Tail

How well do you recognise the pigs? Why not put yourself and your friends to the test? Take a look at our 'Match The Piggy Tail' pictures to allocate the tail to the correct pig. The answers are on the back. Have fun!

Get Involved!

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