What is the blossom charity?

the blossom charity has helped over 1,700 people since it was launched in 2013. We support people going through personal difficulties and challenges, or those facing hardship for many reasons. We run a variety of programmes to help people live their best lives. We achieve this by focusing on topics such as improving confidence and problem solving, developing communication skills as well as stress and body management, and helping people to get a sense of purpose while learning new skills.

We help by offering free workshops, 1:1 coaching and style days as part of a specific programme or as a standalone. We work with people to understand their goals and tailor our support so that they are able to make long lasting changes. Our approach works!

Also, in partnership with The John Le Vay Cancer Centre in Ipswich and other organisations, we hold makeover days for deserving individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment which helps boost their confidence and gives them a treat.

If you or someone you know would benefit from what we offer, please complete an application form on our website (theblossomcharity.co.uk) to explore how you can take steps forward to live your best life.

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