Alison Couchman

Alison is an artist working mainly in painted textiles. She is an Essex girl by birth but has lived in Suffolk for over 30 years. She was a teacher, went to work in industry for a while then taught teachers, trundling up and down the country in her trusty blue van. Alison works from photographs, paints onto fabric then machine quilts to create texture. She aims to develop a contemporary style using bold coloured backgrounds to her work. Alison is drawn to exploring textures and surfaces in both 2D and 3D work using a wide variety of materials.

Amanda Church

Amanda’s inspiration has come from the collaboration with Frog’s Farm who have very kindly supported the trail by building bench plinths and putting them out. Amanda works at the dream on boutique and the bench design was created from a vintage dress print. However look out for the six action frogs in the design…..can you find SuperFrog, Diving frog, Flowerpower frog to name but a few?

Anna Partington

Anna is an artist and photographer living in Pulham Market, Norfolk. Inherently a creative soul from a young age, she studied foundation in art and design, a degree in press and editorial photography and worked in photojournalism before finding her path back into art. She is now focused on producing her abstract paintings and commissioned works with lots of colour and organic shapes. Much of her inspiration comes from the natural world and the patterns that occur in our environment and incredible plant life.

Beyond The Wall

Beyond The Wall is a charity based in the 'Walled Garden' on the Thornham Estate in Thornham, North Suffolk. They work with people from 16 years upwards who have a disability. The team are focused on removing barriers to enable everyone to attain a fulfilling and meaningful life. They are a 'not for profit' organisation, all funds raised go to meet the needs of their clients.

Their aim is to build up our learners’ confidence and self esteem while teaching them the skills which will unlock future opportunities for them in mainstream education, sheltered volunteering or employment.

Binx Kingdom

Binx is a young non-binary artist who has grown up in the surrounding area. They attended Hartismere Sixth Form and specialise in art inspired by both natural and horror elements. Their interesting use of natural colours with their illustrative styles interprets the world we live in in different ways. They aim to study art at university and work further in artistic film making

Bridget McIntyre

At school Bridget was told she was poor at art and so she stopped painting. That all changed following a conversation between a local artist Mary Harding and Bridget’s husband. When he told her Bridget’s story she said “bring her to me, I’ll teach her” and so over 20 years ago Bridget began painting. Since then she has spent time with artists in the UK and overseas developing her skills and discovering her love of art. She had the most fantastic mentor, Win Fenning, who built her skills, inspired her, gave her confidence and a love of art. A completely different place from where Bridget was as a little girl.

The Forget-Me-Not emblem is also poignant this year for Bridget . It is often associated with Alzheimer's disease and is used to raise awareness of the condition and to show support for those affected by it. The flower serves as a reminder to remember and honor those who are living with all forms of dementia . Bridget’s father , Big Al, has recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Caitlyn Simon-Hart

Caitlyn is an art enthusiast and ambassador of art at a local Suffolk High School. She is often selected to participate in school art-related projects and loves most things relating to art. This is Caitlyn's first public appearance as she supports the Blossom Charity in its very impactful community-related work.

DEE Diana Cosford

Every day DEE notices (or has visions of) images she'd like to save & savour.
They’re often transient moments of special light and colour that fascinates her. She hopes to capture a sense of those unique, privileged and fleeting instants of time that are presented to us all. She's aware that a recurring theme in her work gives a feeling of looking through lines and shapes towards areas of light or dark beyond, optimism and the future. DEE recently returned to her childhood home in Suffolk (from The Lake District) so stirrings of coastal influences are inspiring her once again!

Daisy Hepzibah

Daisy is a carer, and in her free time she likes to paint and garden. She also loves walking her dog around Eye.

David Pringle

Davids inspiration behind ‘Archibald’ was the discovery that a 5x great grandfather Archibald Pringle was a harpsichord and piano forte maker. David enjoys the straight lines of the piano…….letting go with the brush splashing was definitely out of his comfort zone but he loved the chaos of it.

Derek Johnson

Derek is an artist who works in layers and emergence - layers of media, meanings, colours, textures, influences, emotions - and the emergence of themes and visual interplay. This piece deals with the layers of human conversations and moments of personal contemplation that a public bench will witness in its life - people stopping to think, to talk, to touch, to check their phone, to give their dog a treat, to dream... to look out into the world and try to make some sense of things.

Ellie Hignett

Ellie studied art and product design at school as well as AS-Level. She is mostly creative in her spare time by drawing, painting, embroidering and digital art.

Ellie owns a small design business called Evergreen Illustration where she creates bespoke branding, graphic design, illustrations and more!

Fiona Sutherland

Fiona Sutherland has graduated from painting small sculptures this year to being asked to paint one of the benches. In the past her pink lambs , hares, pigs & tortoises show her love of all things pink. '‘It’s a real privilege to be able to paint in pink one of the benches for the trail" she said. "I love the slogan ‘badly behaved women rarely make history’, as it sums up my beliefs about the need to sometimes break the rules to create change. I hope everyone enjoys my new pink bench and all it says".

Harriet Titlow

Harriet grew up in Norfolk and quickly realised she was a weird kid who liked to draw all the time (sometimes on the walls). She studied Animation in London, and went on to work as a Character Designer in children’s television at Cartoon Network, Directing and Animating on music videos and Producing award winning short films. She is now a freelance animation director and designer living in Suffolk, specialising in a playful, illustrative style.

Ian Last

Ian has been selling his artwork since he was 18 years old. His first 10 years as an artist he specialised in pencil, winning national awards from the National Society of Wildlife Art. Which has led to his work being sold around the world. His inspiration comes from his passion for U.K wildlife and the landscapes of his home county Suffolk. This has influenced his more recent work to include oils, acrylics and sculpture. A selection of his works resides at RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk.

Jeannie Gardner

Jeannie is a foodie, gardener and art lover. She studied art and art history at school (long ago!). She is influenced by her lovely neighbour Bridget who generously lets her loose in her art studio and also by a wonderful, eccentric and fun school art teacher, Miss Gordon.

Jenne Foulger

Jenne was taught by her draughtsman father as a child and went on to achieve a BA(hons) in Interior textile design. She now works out of the studio in Suffolk and is inspired by local wildlife and landscapes. Her focus in creating unique stone art has blended with her love of pen and ink drawing. In recent years she has found her style which has been influenced by her passion for birds and butterflies, which sits really well as a selection of her art can be found on the cafe wall at RSPB Minsmere.

Josephine and Tom Maughan

Josephine oversees Thornham Walks, on behalf of the Henniker family and Thornham Estate. Her partner, Tom, is a carpenter and artist. They live in Norwich with their son, Zico.

Leaping Hare Design

Kate Blott, from Leaping Hare Design, is originally from Eye and has a passion for art, wildlife and the countryside. She now resides in Norfolk. A multidisciplinary artist, who has studied illustration, graphic design and fine art at University, she specialises in painting and drawing animals.

Lee Reed

Lee is based in Port Edward, South Africa, and work in oils, acrylic and mixed media.

Paul Rackham

Paul is very shy about his artwork, despite being incredibly talented from a very young age. He is a skilled carpenter and has spent all of his working life in the building trade with very little time to pursue his artwork, with the exception of a handful of family commissions and the bedroom walls of his three children Jack, Charlie and Emily. Paul enjoys painting in water colours and acrylics and he painted the distinctive red rose for the Rosedale logo. Some of his recent works include sketches of his children, a canvas of his father who sadly passed away in 2017 and various wildlife images including a barn owl

Sharon Teague

Sharon lives in the centre of Eye and has lived in Suffolk all her life. As a child she was inspired to create art watching her grandfather painting oil landscapes. Since graduating from Ipswich Art School, she's had a thirty year career as a professional graphic designer. In her spare time, she enjoys experimenting with various art techniques and mediums. Her artworks are inspired by nature and often feature 'negative space' silhouettes within the design.

Shelagh Seales

Shelagh retired from commuting life over 5 years ago and loves being part of the dream on team. She is very much enjoying painting again, especially now with the grandchildren.

Wendy Aiken Photography

From an early age, Wendy loved photography. Growing up surrounded by the distinctive coast and countryside of Suffolk, it was inevitable she would be drawn to capture the natural beauty of an idyllic scene.

Her lifelong passion for capturing a special moment has never left Wendy and her stunning family images, professional business shots and scenic photographs are a testament to the talent developed over many years.

Wendy continues to live with her growing family in Eye, Suffolk and takes an active part in the community she holds dear. She can often be seen enjoying the local walks and landmarks, usually with a camera in hand.

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